March 2023
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This week I am playing against my friend in fantasy football! He is the best in our league and I am one of the worst so if I win that would be so funny. My only good players are drew Bree’s, and victor Cruz. Where as he has a lot more. So if I win it will be very good. I suck at Football personally but am better at soccer so next year I am sticking to fantasy soccer.


Detroit lions vs Chicago bears. I think that Bears will win because they have an amazing defense and have a good QB. Lions do have Calvin Johnson but he has not had a strong season so far. I am playing fantasy football and I had him at the beginning but he was not helping me so I had to trade him so that I would not lose. In my season I am 2-4 and I am last so I need to win this game. Sorry Lions fans I hope they do good cause I live in Michigan but right now I don’t want you playing the best.


School is tomorrow. I hope I have good teachers but I don’t know the school to well because only been here for 18 months. Still I know one of the teachers I have but the others I don’t. But I know I have none of my best friends with me so that knew sucks but I know some of them in my class! Last year was okay but I hope it will be better this yeah. I hate that I have to wake up so early! Some people in America wake up at like 7 at high school. So it kinda sucks but that is the way things go. Any way this is kinda stupid but yeah!

Best songs 2011!

  1. ‘Granade’ Bruno Mars
  2. ‘Tonight’ Enriqve Lglesias
  3. ‘Pefect’ P!nk
  4. ‘S and M’ Rihanna
  5. ‘What The Hell’Avril Lavigne
  6. ‘Hold It Agenst Me’ Briteny Spares
  7. ‘ Born This Way’ Lady Gaga
  8. ‘ Blow’ Ke$hea
  9. ‘ More’ Usher
  10. ‘Higher’ Taio Cruz



Top 5 best movies of 2011!

  1. Green Hornet ( very funny a mixture of comedy and action! 9 or older!)
  2. Gnomeo and Juliet( a kids comedy! all age!)
  3. I am number 4 ( a action film! 10  or older)
  4. Your highness ( a funny and action packed film! 11 or older)
  5. Dairy of a wimpy kid 2 ( a funny film! all ages)


 If you like to see funny, exiting and just a great film go see something but hop because it will be a every big disappointment!!!! They put everything in adds and it was very boring!!!! Now I would say go spend your money on something better than just a boring film!!!! Now the only good bit I found was the end because it was over!!! Now some people might disagree but if you have not seen the adds then go if you really want!!! Over all i would rate it about a 5 out of 10!!


I have just found out that I am moving to America so mixed emotions from me! I was so looking forward to going to school with my friends! I am also exited I can go to california or New York and all that stuff! It was an OK day today we had this graduation meeting were the teachers basically said that we are acting really appalling so if we want graduation we have to up our game! Any way better go back to homework or my mum will kill me ( How bad would that be no guy typing random stuff on the Internet)

 See ya

10 ways to annoy yor parents!

  1. Don’t use knifes and forks while eating.
  2. Staying up and playing on your p.s.p is great way to annoy them, I don’t see my p.s.p any more because my parents took it away.
  3. Be really lazy, don’t do your homework till the weekend and complain.
  4. Don’t clean anything up and just leave it.
  5. Don’t go to bed try and get a argument.
  6. Be evil to you sibling!
  7. Make arguments with you sibling! You will really get them mad by doing that.
  8. Be really loud while they are working.
  9. Talk to your parents while they are on the phone (only do it if you are ready for a whole heap of yelling!)
  10. If none of these have worked this one will for certain work, Don’t do anything they say!

Well this is all I have for now if you have more tell me and I will try it out!

Dairy Of A Wimpy Kind!

The movie dairy of a wimpy kid is a very funny movie, about a boy called Greg and he goes to middle school, and he wants to make him self look coo,l but his friend Rowly is holding him back from being cool. In the movie Greg starts to realize that Rowly is becoming more cooler then him, and he starts to not be friends with him. If you have to choose between reading the book or watching the movie, I would read the book because it has more detail!

Finals In Rounders!

Tomorrow I am going to be versing anther school to try and get our rounders team into the next round! Do you think we will win?  I think we have a chance because last time we versed them we had a draw! The score was 14 all, we were winning by four runs and they had loaded bases, but this guy hit it over the fence so we had to get it, but by the time we got the ball they were all home and it was our turn to bat but the bell went! So we had a draw! I hope we win!