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Heavy Metal Bands

Heavy metal bands are really good to see at a concert! Some of the best bands like Metallica, ACDC, Iron Maiden and others have been sick as to go and see! What is your favourite band or singer? If it is Justin Bieber I do not want to know about it!I hope no one likes him because all his music is bad and he can’t sing! None of the boys in my grade like him! If you ask me he is a Zac Efron ( who also sucks) try hard!


today was good I got to make up a rap so me and two of my friends made up a song on mm and it is pretty good. tomorrow we are going to be performing it in front of everyone. it is called homework sucks and I can’t wait to see my teachers face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up this morning really tired I wish we could got to school on saturdays and Sundays but instead we have Monday to Friday as weekend! see ya


Today we had Japanese day and it was OK we got to do painting ,toy making and also we got to make sushi! I put way to much wasabi sauce because I began to cry in front of heaps of people so that was not very good. We are having are lunch time moved, I can’t believe that because I need food! so now I have to wait till 1.20pm to have lunch, so we only get ten minutes to eat! so now I have got to wait till 3.30pm to get to eat a lot! How long must I live like this? wait at the end of the year I am going to high school but I get more homework! What is more better more food and more homework or less food and less homework?


Well the school holidays are coming up and I want to know what to see at the movies! I know about Tomorrow when the war began and that little yellow guys film but what else is coming out because I know that harry potter 7 comes out in November so what else is there to see?


Can’t wait soon metallica me my dad,his friend and my friend are going to metllica and I can not wait.Who likes metllica? I do they are really cool. My mum says that she is not upset about not going but I think she is! Do you guys think there is a better band than metallica? Because if there is one ( witch there is not) then tell me because I have been listening to the wrong music. But if it is Justin Bieber I do not want to know about it ( because he sucks) and I hope people will now stop listening to a pig dying witch he calls his music!

IPhone Apps

Today at lunch my teacher showed us this really cool app! It was this cat called tom and when you said something it said it back in this high squeaky voice! It was really funny and I wished I had an IPhone but at least I got a laptop for my birthday!

Do you know any other good apps that you can get on the IPhone?

Top 10 tv shows for tweens

  1. Malcolm in the Middle
  2. Hanna Montana
  3. ICarly
  4. Spongebob Squarepants
  5. WWE
  6. Sonny with a Chance
  7. The Sweet Life on Deck
  8. True Jackson VP
  9. Simpsons
  10. Wipeout

School Today

School was pretty boring today but we did get to learnt about cyberbullying so that was pretty good and we got Lolly’s from Mr.m so that was good monkey boy(one of my friends) was really funny today!I wonder how I would be doing at school in England?Well got to do some more homework this week we have to build a modal of Indian transport! Well hopfully I will be really fun but I am not certain!Anyway Keep on getting emails from noodles asking about my sis!  Hopefully Athletics tomorrow will be really good!

5 Ingredients Of A Great Teacher

Here are ten thing that will make a great teacher!

  1. Funny: have a laugh some times
  2. Cool: don’t get too annoyed
  3. Not too strict: don’t go up the wall at students who don’t hand in homework
  4. Not on peoples backs: Don’t keep saying do your  homework because it is their fault they didn’t bring it in!
  5. Evil students: If there is a student who is really naughty just send them to the principal if they are not behaving!

From a trouble maker

Rugby world cup 2011

The rugby world cup is almost here me and my dad are going to watch it on TV me and my dad want England to win but we know that the all blacks are a very strong side who do you want to win?